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Thor. Ragnarok. [videorecording]
Author: Waititi, Taika, film director. -- Feige, Kevin, film producer. -- Pearson, Eric, screenwriter. -- Kyle, Craig, screenwriter. -- Yost, Christopher, screenwriter. -- Hemsworth, Chris, actor. -- Hiddleston, Tom, actor. -- Blanchett, Cate, 1969-, actor. -- El
Publisher: Richmond, Victoria : Distributed by The Walt Disney Company (Australia) Pty Ltd, [2018] -- ©2018.
Review by: Bosanac (Staff), Sergeja Mrs  on: 10/06/2018 1:44:03 PM
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Chris Hemsworths portrayal of Thor was right on the mark. In fact the entire casting of super heroes in Thor Ragnarok was amazing. In addition to Hemsworth I was also dazzled by Cate Blanchett who played Hela and Mark Ruffalo who played The Hulk. Their acting really brought the super heroes to life.

The music in Thor Ragnarok was also out of this universe! If you are a fan of 80s music you must download the soundtrack. I promise you wont be disappointed!
There seems to be a new comic book story brought to the big screen more and more frequently these days. One might even say the market is being oversaturated with these super hero stories. However I dont think Thor Ragnarok can be grouped in this category of just another super hero movie. The acting storyline comedy and production goes above and beyond other popular comic book-based movies.


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That's not me. [videorecording]
Author: Erdstein, Gregory, film director, screenwriter. -- Foulcher, Alice, actor, screenwriter. -- Lucas, Isabel, 1985-, actor. -- Davies, Richard, actor. -- Madman Entertainment Australia (Firm) film distributor.
Publisher: [East Melbourne, Victoria] Distributed by Madman Entertainment Pty Ltd, [2018] -- Ã2017
Review by: Bosanac (Staff), Sergeja Mrs  on: 10/06/2018 1:37:33 PM
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Theres a very rapid resolution to THATS NOT ME that is somewhat at odds with what has come before signalling a life goal that was never previously telegraphed. On the flip side it could be seen that Polly has finally made the kind of decision she was incapable of prior to that. Nevertheless the path she takes to get there is an enjoyable one and a hopefully the start of a fertile feature career for the cast and crew alike.

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The Florida project. [videorecording]
Author: Baker, Sean, 1971- film director, screenwriter, film producer. -- Bergoch, Chris, screenwriter, film producer. -- Tsou, Shih-Ching, film producer. -- Duncan, Andrew (Producer), film producer. -- Saks, Alex, 1987- film producer. -- Chinoy, Kevin, film prod
Publisher: Moore Park, NSW : Distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment South Pacific Pty Ltd, [2018]
Review by: Bosanac (Staff), Sergeja Mrs  on: 10/06/2018 1:30:11 PM
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Sean Bakers latest triumph of honest but warmly sentimental observational cinema remains one of the highlights of 2017 and it looks just as beautiful on home video as it does on a big screen.

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Ferdinand [videorecording]
Author: Saldanha, Carlos, 1965- film director. -- Baird, Robert L., screenwriter. -- Federle, Tim, screenwriter. -- Copeland, Brad, screenwriter. -- Cena, John, voice actor.
Publisher: Moore Park, NSW : Distributed by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2018]
Review by: Bosanac (Staff), Sergeja Mrs  on: 10/06/2018 1:28:42 PM
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The latest animated version of Ferdinand is certainly colorful and fun. It packs a familiar message about not uh kowtowing to others' unhealthy expectations of us. But that's not the only message here. Packed into this romping bull-in-a-china-shop adventure we're also treated to significant lessons about friendship. We hear encouragement to make upright choices. And we're given solid examples of what it looks like to rein in our emotions when things get a little too frustrating or scary. That said the film's characters do face some perilous situations hereespecially the ominous bulls-either-fight-or-get-sent-to-the-chop-house menace. But even those moments are used to support the movie lessons. Like the flower-loving bull at its heart this Ferdinand isn't just another one-trick Toro. And it encourages it's young viewers to think outside their day-to-day bullring too.

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Phantom thread. [videorecording]
Author: Anderson, Paul Thomas, film director, screenwriter, film producer. -- McDonough, Tamsen, actor. -- Day-Lewis, Daniel, actor. -- Manville, Lesley, 1956-, actor. -- Krieps, Vicky, 1983-, actor. -- Rutherford, Camilla, 1976-, actor. -- McKee, Gina, 1964-, ac
Publisher: [Australia] : Universal Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Australia, [2018]
Review by: Bosanac (Staff), Sergeja Mrs  on: 10/06/2018 1:25:58 PM
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Phantom Thread disposes of that and any lingering nostalgia with something that is compelling to watch because of so many different things you're left with a certain sense of peace at the end of it. It is a very good film for Lewis to go out on and for Anderson it's another accomplishment to an already loaded resume filled with a variety of subjects.

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A darker state / David Young.
Author: Young, David, 1958-, author.
Publisher: London : Zaffre, 2018.
Review by: Bosanac (Staff), Sergeja Mrs  on: 22/05/2018 3:24:47 PM
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Pacy yet considered A Darker State is a bit of a page turner the conspiracy at the heart of it is emotive and descriptively speaking it is spot on to immerse you into the events playing out on the page. Overall another stonking good read and I genuinely cant wait for the next. Highly Recommended.

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Bohemia beach / Justine Ettler.
Author: Ettler, Justine, 1965-, author.
Publisher: Melbourne, Victoria : Transit Lounge, 2018.
Review by: Bosanac (Staff), Sergeja Mrs  on: 22/05/2018 3:15:45 PM
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There are many great novels that feature alcoholics among their main characters. Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh and The Lost Weekend by Charles Jackson are among them. Bohemia Beach deserves to be on the same bookshelf as these.
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Beyond danger / Kat Martin.
Author: Martin, Kat, author.
Publisher: : Random House Australia, 2018 -- New York, NY : Zebra Books, 2018.
Review by: Bosanac (Staff), Sergeja Mrs  on: 22/05/2018 3:13:58 PM
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Martin excels in creating multidimensional appealing rogues and the strong sexy women who fall for them and this novel is no exception. An excellent cast of supporting characters provides a well-drawn backas Martin skillfully sets up the last book in the trilogy. This nail-biter of a romantic thriller will delight new readers and returning fans.

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The child in time. [videorecording]
Author: Marmion, Grainne, producer. -- Farino, Julian, film director. -- Cumberbatch, Benedict, actor. -- MacDonald, Kelly, actor. -- Television adaptation of (work) McEwan, Ian. Child in time.
Publisher: [Australia] : Universal Sony Picture Home Entertainment, [2018].
Review by: Bosanac (Staff), Sergeja Mrs  on: 22/05/2018 12:30:26 PM
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Putting aside any of the dramas literary contrivances what were left with is a deeply affecting story of pain and the slow careful journey towards moving on and one that focuses on Stephen and Julie coming together again as much as it sees them come to terms with the unexpected loss of their daughter. Its an unusual one-off drama both slow going and a difficult watch at times but The Child in Time is sold by its extremely talented cast and their dedication to telling this tale of a familys personal devastation and the cautious almost redemptive hope that follows in time.
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All the money in the world. [videorecording]
Author: Scott, Ridley, film director, film producer. -- Scarpa, David, screenwriter. -- Friedkin, Dan, film producer. -- Thomas, Bradley, film producer. -- Curtis, Quentin, film producer. -- Clark, Chris (Producer), film producer. -- Huffam, Mark, film producer.
Publisher: [Australia] : Roadshow Entertainment, [2018]
Review by: Bosanac (Staff), Sergeja Mrs  on: 15/05/2018 3:32:35 PM
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Michelle Williams and Christopher Plummer are amazing but Mark Wahlberg is seriously miscast and the actual kidnapping part of this kidnapping movie is the least interesting thing about it. At its best All the Money in the World is a rich and exciting story about a woman trapped in a universe of apathetic and powerful men fighting her way out any which way she can. At its worst its a well-shot but ultimately middling thriller.

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